18.00 Tuesday 27th – Profile of Amigo

Amigo won't stop eating

So the last in our daily profiling is Amigo. From tomorrow we’ll start updating them one at a time and looking at how they have progressed in a week. Amigo is quite a character. He and Alan are very similar, with the exception of a little weight and a few white hairs. The patch of white on  Amigo’s shoulder is the smaller of the two. In common with Alan, he has quite a vocal range and can do wailing so well that he could be hired out for funerals. He can often be found cuddled up to his mum’s head and really looks terribly cute.

He was the sixth puppy to be born at 2.05pm and was the funniest arrival. He was definitely Shadow’s easiest birth and the fact we managed to catch it on video at all was a miracle. It took just one push for him to arrive. He just sort of popped into the world. One minute he wasn’t there and the next he was. You can see his video here.

Today he weighs 724g, which is nearly double his 370g birth weight.