18.15 Friday – A profile of Arnold and a picture of Amigo

If you have followed the story so far, Arnold was Shadow’s first born (see the video here). He was the only one of the litter to be a breach birth and his mother did yelp when she pushed his head into the world. He was the largest of the litter weighing 418g, which is still much smaller than any of my brothers and sisters were when we were born. After some serious eating, he now weighs in at a respectable 546g. He is named after the vet in Switzerland who looked after Shadow when her microchip failed at the start of her pregnancy. Without his tenderness and care there really might not be a litter of puppies to write to you about.

Little Arnold has a thicker white blaze on his head than some of his younger brothers and sisters. He didn’t have any dew claws and he doesn’t have any flecks of white on his shoulder. He’s the big brother who will always be there for the younger ones and take care of them, or at least that’s how I like to think about it.

This picture of Amigo is an extra, just because I thought he looked like a very happy little Entlebucher.