12.15 lunchtime weigh in and video

It’s funny as a dog, the things we think are normal. Shadow was alternately taking a mouthful of breakfast and the cleaning up each of the puppies in rotation. I didn’t think anything of it, until my Mistress commented that it was gross.


My Mistress is having to force herself to start lining up homes for them all. It would be so easy to not quite get round to it and keep them all as playmates for me. Our house is crazy enough with the three of us, ten would be rather too many. Feeding times alone would be worse than feeding the rest of the family and the rest of the day would  be spent taking everyone for walks. I suppose when you start to think about it, it sounds ideal, but wouldn’t leave any time to earn any money! From my point of view, I also have to remember that I’m not overly keen to have to share my Mistress as it is and it’s hard to get us all on the bed with her now.


Shadow is now eating Puppy Start food so that she can have extra calcium and get the puppies used to the food ready for when they try it. I’ve asked if I could try a little, but apparently it isn’t for me.


One of this morning’s funny moments was when my Mistress had to move the puppies out of the way for Shadow to move round and one of them crawled up the sleeve of her dressing gown.


We have more good news on the weighing front. Aristotle has gained another 36g and is now up to 410g. At this rate he will pass Arnold’s birth weight tomorrow. In the meantime, Arnold is now right up at 546g and Amigo has reached 500

See day 5 video here

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