Saturday 24th September 2011 – There were 8 in the bed and the little one said…

There are two videos for you today and then later there will be a profile of Annette. This first video I just couldn’t resist. They got themselves all in a line for a snooze, including Mum. Click here.

So little puppies, it’s time for me to start explaining the worlds to you. Saturday is one of those days when for the most part we like a bit of a lie in. I normally spend it snuggled up to my Mistress, but I accept that you are borrowing her for now. I will be having her back though, so make the most of the time you have with her. Of course with the amount of noise you are now making at night, I think she is looking forward to your mum looking after you alone at night. Shadow has never slept without human company since she was a puppy, except of course when we go into kennels when I am there to look after her. She says she isn’t looking forward to it.

My main job for today is to set up the puppy play area for when they get bigger. Initially we have an extension piece for the whelping box, which will mean they can scramble around a bit further. Then for a change of scenery we have a play pen with a rubber mat floor, which can go in the office so I can take my turns in keeping an eye on them. They will probably disturb us with the noise, but my Mistress wants to enjoy every minute of them being with us.

I’ve ordered some activity toys for their development when they are a few weeks old. I’ve put them on the Amazon things I recommend if you want to take a look, they are on the second page of the puppy recommendations. I’ve put one of my favourites on the side panel so you can see it easily too. Just wait until I can post the videos showing them starting to play. You’ll all be wanting to come round and see them.

Today Arnold has reached 566g and Aristotle is up to 442g. Alan is gaining fastest and put on an amazing 66g in one day that’s more than twice what Aristotle gained.

Today’s second video will show the noisy chaos when they all start to wake up, but I can’t record it until they do wake up so will post it in a while.

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