Thursday 22nd September 2011 – Day 4

Today I got to do my very first parenting for some of the puppies. In our breed, some puppies are born with an extra dew claw on their rear paws. When that happens it is best to remove them when they are tiny, less than five days old. Shadow didn’t have hers removed until she was older and it becomes a much bigger operation then. Anyway, of her little family, only Avril and Adrienne were born with dew claws and today was the day for them to go to the vet. Shadow couldn’t take them, as she obviously had to stay at home with the other five, so I got to take them instead. I had to go to the vet anyway to have a lump checked. I was due to go on Monday, but with the whole giving birth thing, it wasn’t possible. I felt so proud being there to hold their paws while it was being done.

My lump just turned out to be another fatty lump. I seem to be plagued with them, but what can you do. At least none of them are causing any problems.

The weigh in today took rather longer as we had to start again. We got half way through and found we had counted five boys, so had gone wrong somewhere. Second time round we got everyone right and all are gaining nicely. Arnold has now reached 504g which was roughly my birth weight and is still the largest. Little Aristotle now weighs in at 374g. Today’s video taken at noon today is here.

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  1. Love the little one that’s lying on it’s back for most of the proceedings! Everything looks so clean – I guess they get their paper changed just before the video starts!

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