18.00 Thursday – Adrienne’s vital statistics

Well it’s day 4 and our noisy hungry puppies are growing fast. We’ve had some funny moments, such as puppies suckling on Shadow’s toes in search of milk. Then there are the times when one or other of them gets hiccoughs, or has a funny dream. My Mistress could sit and watch them all day and really wants to keep them all. She kissed each one goodnight at bedtime, just as she gives me my goodnight kiss too.

Adrienne Day 4

Today I thought I would tell you a little bit about our biggest girl, Adrienne. She was very brave this morning when she had her rather large dew claws removed. She did squeal a little bit, but was soon comforted. She has a very small black dot on her nose and no white flecks on her fur on her back. She is also by far the biggest girl. She was the second biggest in the litter at birth and has stayed that way, now weighing in at 484g. She was very brave having her dew claws removed today and they are healing nicely. We posted her birth video, but just in case you missed it, this is the link.

One of my favourite things is that everyone’s ears have now folded over and they all look really cute.