18.00 Wednesday – The Aristotle Fan Club

It has been an exciting day for the puppies. Arnold had an email of greeting from the vet in Switzerland after whom he is names and little Alan had a video phone call from my Mistress’s father after whom he is called. Of course little Alan can’t actually see or hear yet, but the thought was there and Shadow can tell him about it when he is a bit older.

I  thought that as there are seven puppies and seven days in the week I could give you a more full update on one of them each day. I’ll take a photo of the one I’m telling you about so you can get to know each of them. Today it may not surprise you that I am starting with tiny little Aristotle.

He is easy to recognise as he is the smallest. He doesn’t have any white flecks on his back and nothing to distinguish him elsewhere, except having lovely markings and being very small, 346g this evening. His favourite pastimes are eating and sleeping. We’ve had a request for t-shirts as well as sweatshirts to support him, so I have added some to the range. Click here to see his birth video.