Wednesday 21st September 2011 – everyone gaining weight

We’ve just had the official daily weigh in and everyone is gaining weight. Amigo is gaining more slowly than  everyone else, but Aristotle is still by far the smallest. The range in weight is Aristotle at 335g through to Arnold at 460g. It was a quieter night and in between responding to little squeals, my Mistress did get chance to get a little sleep. It’s amazing seeing their little brown markings stating to develop, you might be able to see some of them on the video. It’s the cute little white ends to the tiny tails that I like the best. See the video here

My Mistress has said that as long as I’m good, I can go in and sit with her in another couple of days. It will be better than having to sit outside the door and by then the temperature won’t be quite so tropical in there.



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