Monday 5th September 2011 – The camera is in place

The preparations are getting exciting. We’ve bought a long extension lead for the webcam. It means it can now be plugged in where Shadow will be but we can monitor everything from the computer on the desk. It also means we can take videos to upload to my diary so that you can see the progress of the puppies. We’ve had a discussion about sound and concluded that for everybody’s sake we should broadcast without sound, it seems the microphone in the webcam is very sensitive and you would be able to hear anything else going on in the house as well. What is great is that we can monitor how they are all doing without getting in the way. It does mean there is a long cable running from the office and we have all be told to be careful not to trip over it, but on the whole tripping over is my Mistress’s department. So if you hear a loud splat followed by some choice language you will know that she has fallen over the cable and had forgotten to put the recording volume to silent!

Yesterday was the 10k run round our village. It is quite an event and hundreds of runners travel very long distances to take part. There are runners in the village who take part, but most of the village turns out to help rather than run. My Mistress was helping for the first time. She really doesn’t do ‘running’. In fact they laughed at her at dog training when she had to change speed with Megan when moving to heel. In her defence she explained that when she really runs Megan gets too excited, but her little jog along the road was declared pitiful! Anyway, today she is a steward so can feel virtuous while only having to watch other people actually do the running. Megan offered to round up any stragglers but my Mistress explained that if they were already tired they may not appreciate having their ankles nipped to hurry them in the right direction.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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