Saturday 6th August 2011 – My Mistress is half way there.

Never let it be said that my Mistress does not at least try to cover every eventuality. When she arrived at Calais last night and with still another two hours ahead of her to drive, rather than get straight on the motorway to head south, she drove round as though she was going to check back into the Eurotunnel so that she could go to the pet check in desk to make sure they would be happy with all the paperwork on her return with Shadow. She is dreading the actual check-in process with Shadow and knows that she will be in a bit of a state, so thought she would try to make sure it could be as smooth as possible. After that she continued on her way back to the motorway for another couple of hours of driving to her hotel. At least she keeps staying in the same hotel so she has a fair idea how everything works. She will be staying with Shadow there on the way back too.

Once I’d put a list together of everything I wanted to buy ready for the puppies I started to look for fancy dress costumes to see if I could go with everyone to the Pub’s birthday party this year. I’ve had an idea. I’m thinking if I don’t tell anyone my plan I might get away with going even though they don’t allow dogs. The theme this year is cartoon characters. I’ve found some costumes for the characters from the Wacky Races. If I can get my Master to go as Dick Dastardly I was thinking that I could go as Muttley, his dog and no one would realise  that I was in fact a real dog. I even wondered about my Mistress going as Penelope Pitstop and the children maybe being the Ant Hill Mob. All I need to do then is master holding a glass in my paw so I don’t look out of place.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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