Wednesday 3rd August 2011 -An internet campaign

We have started an internet campaign to put pressure on DEFRA to accept the DNA evidence to allow Shadow to come home. Please go to  to show your support. We are also in touch with the local newspaper, the dog newspapers and lots of people that might be able to help us. Today is day 14 of her pregnancy and as she shouldn’t travel later than around day 42 we don’t have much time. Lots of our friends are suggesting other people we can contact so it is keeping us all busy manning the phones. I do offer to answer, but usually my Mistress prefers to do it herself. I want her home so she can keep Megan in order, quite apart from the fact I was looking forward to looking after the puppies when they arrive.

Megan is not a happy dog. My Mistress has finally set up her Wii Fit Board and has now weighed Megan and given her a target weight. I can laugh about it as when she tried to weigh me it wouldn’t recognise the reading. Megan said that was because I was too heavy but it isn’t me that is on a strict diet so I have nothing to complain about and can laugh at what she said. My Mistress was thrilled to be given a fitness age significantly lower than her real one, but was disappointed that her balance is not good on the basic exercises. She also decided to join Megan on a diet. My Mistress was in the ok zone for weight but a few pounds heavier than her ideal. What she hasn’t said is what she is cutting out to achieve the weight loss and when I tried to ask her she said it was a bad time as she was just getting some supper.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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