Sunday 24th July 2011 – 1 in 10 pets…

According to a newspaper article, one in ten pets in the UK have their own facebook page. Now doesn’t that just tell you something about how intelligent pets are? I’m the only one of us that does. I’ve got way more friends than my Mistress has and I get new friend request every day. I’m looking forward to the thousand friend milestone and should be there quite soon. My Mistress was looking over my shoulder when I was doing an update the other day and she came to the conclusion that my friends look a lot cuter than hers do. Now if I were one of her friends I would probably take exception to a comment like that, but then to be fair not many of her friends have lovely soft fur and big brown puppy dog eyes. What is funny is that there are girl dogs whose owners actually keep an eye on who they are befriending in order to keep them safe from the rogue elements. I wonder if anyone has had an argument with their owners about whether they are allowed to be my friend. I suppose for all they know I could be grooming them for some unspeakable act, instead of being the big soft trustworthy dog I am. You hear these stories about youngsters and the problems they can have as a result of who they meet on the internet. I wonder if it is the same for us dogs.

Shadow is still sitting with her paws up, playing the lady of leisure to perfection. Megan is feeling a bit down and missing her family in Switzerland. She wishes we all lived closer together so that she could see them more often. I chased her round the garden to cheer her up and she seemed grateful for that. She needs to start doing some practising for dog training as she is starting her gold award classes on Wednesday and she has already missed a week of the course. It would be amazing is she could pass, so that she has gone through all three consecutively.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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