Wednesday 20th July 2011 -Shadow meets her boyfriend

I think my Mistress is probably too busy to ring. Today is the day that if the blood tests have worked out ok, Shadow will go to meet her boyfriend. His name is Rino von der Untergass. I do hope he’s nice to her. He certainly looks a handsome dog and my Mistress has promised to take some photos of the two of them together for the family album. It will also be nice for the puppies to be able to see what their father looks like until they can have the opportunity to see him in person.

I’ve been working on expanding my range of merchandise. I’ve now got slogans on bumper stickers too. I’ve ordered one for my Mistress and now have to convince her she wants it on the car. She’s not good with things like that. In theory she thinks it is a great idea but in practice she hates to deface her car. I’ve tried telling her it will come off and won’t leave a mark, but I have nothing to base that on except for the fact that I want it to be true. I suppose there is no way she would let me put it on my little car. I did wonder about ordering her an apron too, but I thought she might get annoyed if I ran up too many bills with her credit card while she’s away. I have to find something to keep me occupied while my grandparents are busy with other things. James is not home much as he is doing his work experience. I offered to help, but I wasn’t allowed. He is spending two weeks working with a farrier shoeing horses. It sounds really cool and I think he’s having a great time. I never considered that as one of my career options, I wonder if it would be too late to start.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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