Tuesday 19th July 2011 – They have arrived

Shadow has arrived in Switzerland. She has a rest day today before going to meet the stud dog and she is getting very nervous. She is excited too and just hopes she likes him. I glazed over a little when she started telling me the sorts of things she and Megan have been discussing. It has reached the stage of wanting to discuss girly things, like how to do her hair and whether he would think she looked nice. I tried to explain that none of that was likely to be the first thing on his mind, but the girls said I was just being mean. They don’t understand boys at all. We aren’t the nice creatures that girls have us down for. Romance, and getting to know each other aren’t that high on our agenda. We just smell those pheromones and our brains become like jelly.

All is well on the home front. I am being very well behaved so my Mistress doesn’t need to worry about us. My paternal grandparents are here so I don’t have to remember everything that needs doing, which is great. The plants are being watered, so there is a fair chance of them still being alive when my Mistress returns. I do miss her. I sit and watch for her coming back, even though I know it won’t be a for a few days yet. I’m sleeping in James’s room so that we can console each other. I miss my Mistress and he misses Shadow. It means I get to sleep on the bed every night so all in all it’s not a bad deal. I’m sure time feels as though it is going much faster for the ones who have gone to Switzerland than it does to those of us who are waiting for them. It’s a funny thing how waiting can make time seem to go so much more slowly. You’d think someone had interfered with the clock, but from what I can see they all look much the same as usual, just running more slowly. Maybe all the clocks need their batteries changing at the same time.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

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