Monday 18th July 2011 – The drive to Switzerland

Well I spoke to my Mistress last night. They have driven as far as Riems in France. They wanted to stay in the funny hotel where she and James stayed before. It was a sort of a Motel and was all a bit odd. As it turns out is it very odd and isn’t actually open on a Sunday night. Then she found hotels that took dogs that weighed under 10kg. I tentatively suggested the girls could go on diets but they would have to follow a starvation programme to get down to that sort of weight.

Shadow is feeling low because she’s missing James and my Master. My Mistress has been trying to get her to work up some enthusiasm for meeting the boy dog and she says she will feel more like it when she sees him. To be honest, knowing what Shadow is like in season there is no question that she will feel like it when she sees him. She drives me crazy the way she behaves towards me, it’s hard for a poor boy to resist. As usual when she’s travelling she isn’t very hungry and isn’t eating much. My Mistress has told her she needs to be in peak condition but Shadow says she was carrying a bit extra anyway and will be fine.

I’m really wishing I could have gone too. It’s not easy being sat at home waiting for news. They should arrive inSwitzerlandthis afternoon and Shadow will have a trip to the vet to do a test to see when is exactly the right time to mate. If everything has gone to plan she will have a rest day tomorrow and will go to the stud dog the day after. I do hope he’s nice to her. I should have gone to protect her and make sure he treated her well. It’s not easy to look after her from this distance. If you’re reading this Shadow, take care. We’re all thinking of you and I miss you, even though you bit me the other day, I still like having you around.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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