Wednesday 29th June 2011 – The Euro is flawed

This is what happens when you put a dog on a diet. I did warn them, but would they listen? James asked for his evening meal to be left on the side so he could come and get it when he was ready. Unfortunately, he forgot. We were outside in the garden working, my Mistress, Megan and I, when my Mistress heard the sound of the plate moving on the work surface so presumed James had come to eat it. It was only when she went into the kitchen to find a small amount of rice in one corner of the plate, together with the vegetables and connected this with the fact that James was not in the house and Shadow was looking very guilty, that we realised what had happened. Strangely, James didn’t feel like finishing what was on the plate when he came in. Megan was just fed up that she hadn’t thought of it first.

My Mistress has been trying to explain to me why the concept of the Euro is flawed and is bound to fail. It all got a bit complicated, but had something to do with individual countries wanting to do what was best for their economies and for their people rather than the greater good of Europe. I think what she was saying is that Greece should be leaving the Euro now, rather than having the currency propped up by the measures that are taking place. If I’ve understood it correctly it is inevitable that the problem will be repeated with another country being unable to do what it should and then another. Then you wonder why I say the running of the country should be in the paws of dogs. We live life so much more simply. All we need is the odd biscuit and occasional pat and we’re happy. I guess to be fair in a dispute about bones we might just fight it out, but we certainly don’t end up with any inflation or balance of payments deficits. I’ve never taken out a loan and I’ve never gone on strike.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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