Wednesday 1st June 2011

Another month arrives. A month in which we can but hope that the autumnal weather will at last give rise to summer warmth rather than winter snow. A month is which Shadow should be jetting off to the land of our ancestors and Megan will go to the dentist. In the meantime we are watching the weather. If it is dry today, my Master and Mistress are taking the girls for a long walk. If it is wet it’s a short walk and my Master and Mistress go to the pictures to see a film instead. I asked to be included in the trip to the film. I even promised not to keep asking for popcorn, but in another instance of dogist behaviour it turns out that I’m not allowed in the cinema. How is Lassie ever going to develop his fan base if his biggest followers aren’t even allowed into the cinema? It’s no wonder his films go straight to television and are never the huge box office successes of the human films.

I’m getting tired of the number of places that don’t allow us in. I think the Pet Dogs Democratic Party should start to arrange some protest marches and protest visits. We should get all out dog friends together and simply turn up at the cinema and demand entrance. Faced with all of us it is unlikely they would be able to turn us away. I suppose the biggest problem may be the protest breaking into skuffles outside the cinema with the dogs not waiting quite as patiently as I might like. Maybe I should only invite our friends from dog training and leave out the ones that don’t like each other. Then we could start to go to lots of places that have introduced restrictions on our freedom of movement. We could even get the television crews involved.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind