Thursday 2nd June 2011

My little car had to go into the garage. The garage my Mistress goes to is 15 miles away. She has driven 13 of them when she came to a junction and the engine died. She tried restarting it but the battery was completely flat. There she was, just 2 miles from the garage and as with all these things, there was no mobile phone signal. She couldn’t ring the garage. She couldn’t ring the nice man from the AA, she couldn’t ring my Master. She tried to move the car so it was less in the way and was then planning to walk a little way to see if she could get a signal. She was just standing looking forlorn and helpless when a lovely lady stopped and asked if she needed a jump start. My Mistress was very grateful indeed. It turned out when she lifted the bonnet to attach the leads that the cable to the battery was loose. More to the point it must have meant that when my Mistress reattached them after having them disconnected to charge the battery through the winter, she hadn’t fixed it properly again. Despite the fact it was a self inflicted breakdown, my Mistress was very happy to be on her way in such a short space of time and it reminds her of what a good place the world is when people undertake random acts of kindness.

Megan is asking whether she can go on the trip to Switzerland with Shadow and my Mistress. To be fair to Megan she has thought carefully about it and has built quite a strong case. My Mistress’s only reservation is managing both of them at stops when Shadow is feeling a little fractious. Megan said she could always wait in the car until my Mistress has taken Shadow for her walk. My Mistress has said she will think about it. I knew there was no point in my asking to go too.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind