Saturday 28th May 2011

It’s only natural when you ask the question ‘Who drove over the last four solar lights in the front garden?’ that you expect the answer to be one of the humans in the house. I was however reliably informed by my Master that it has in fact been a leprechaun and that they can be very tricky characters. The lights were not simply knocked over, but utterly annihilated. Now to be fair only two of the four worked, but my Mistress liked them and was understandably upset. Until now, my Master has not been keen to spend any money on replacing them. It was with great pleasure that my Mistress was able to inform my Master that the leprechaun had felt very guilty about what he had done and had provided a small pot of gold for their replacement. He felt so guilty in fact that instead of replacing them with just the four he had bought 12 and a lovely set of dragon fly lights to go on the summerhouse. Not surprisingly at this point my Master rolled his eyes and said he would reserve judgement until he saw whether this lot actually worked or not. Sadly the leprechaun also sent a very dark cloudy day with thunder, lightning and lots of rain so they didn’t get much chance to charge yesterday. My Mistress is not crossing her fingers that they will work and look nice, otherwise the leprechaun may have to take them back.

I didn’t quite finish my advice to you young puppies. This last one is a good thought to be having at the weekend and for that matter any other day. This is one every dog should live by and it wouldn’t do humans any harm either. Actually when I think about the lights my Mistress bought, I think that may be one of her little ways of doing it. Anyway, here it is. Live like every minute is a new field of rabbits just waiting to be chased. That should be your philosophy in a nutshell. If you do that, you will be one happy dog.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind