Sunday 29th May 2011

And still we wait for Shadow’s season. We are however in the date range that my Mistress was originally expecting if it hadn’t been for the fact of Megan’s being a few weeks ago and the possibility of them synchronising. My Mistress thinks it will start by 20th June at the latest, so every day is becoming more likely. I’ve bitten all my front claws with anxiety and am now starting on the back ones. If it doesn’t happen soon I shall have to start chewing Megan’s.

How are clouds held up in the sky then? Granny asked my Master that question the other day and he promptly replied that they were on string and that, like a puppeteer, God gently moved them round the sky from place to place. He did urge James, not to use that explanation in any geography or science exams but we all accepted it was a perfectly plausible explanation. Of course if he used it in his English exam he might get marks but only if they were looking at a piece that showed the ability to be creative. Maybe my Master has missed his vocation.

We are waiting to hear what James will be doing for work experience in a few weeks. We had hoped that he might be working at the kennels so that if we were staying there at the same time at least we would see him. However one of his friends will be there, but it’s ok as it’s someone we know so that will be nice too. He hasn’t heard where he will be yet. He did put a request in to go to the vet, so we might see him there but he also put some other places that we aren’t likely to go to.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind