Monday 9th May 2011

Well they are back from London and we are all back at home. To be fair I didn’t want to hear what a good time they had had. I was stuck in a kennel with two manic females. Now I’m not an energetic dog, so being cooped up for the day is not too much of an issue but I like my home comforts and when I am in kennels I don’t necessarily get them. I said to one of the girls when she came round to check on us, “I’m ready for my morning Frosties now,” and she just looked at me blankly. I think my Mistress may have omitted some of the key instructions for our welfare. I thought I’d try to push my luck a little later when we were served dinner. I was working on the basis that there are certain services available in all the best establishments, so I said “I’ll have a glass of the house red with mine please.” You’re not going to believe me, but she actually laughed at me. That is no way to treat a paying customer if you want them to return. I’m sure no one ever does that to my Master when he asks for a glass of wine with his meal. I know I’m not allowed it at home, but I am after all on holiday of a sort and I thought the rules were different. Little miss perfect, then insisted on telling me the story of when she had champagne and to say that I didn’t want to hear it would have been an understatement. Can’t a boy even sulk in peace?

Now however I can be as comfortable as I want and find peace to sulk by going up to the bedroom and leaving the girls downstairs. I don’t do it often but it’s nice to know the opportunity is there when you need it.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind