Sunday 1st May 2011

What I forgot to tell you was that we did get a doggy bag from the Royal Wedding hog roast in the village. More to the point my Mistress was in the right place at the right time when the man who ran the hog roast asked if anyone would like to take the rest of the meat home that was spare. Under normal circumstances she would have stopped and thought that there were others far more in need than she was, but she had had a couple of drinks and hog roast is her favourite and she found herself jumping at the chance before anyone else had the opportunity to speak. Unfortunately for us, it now means fighting my Mistress to get anywhere near it.  She is like a dog with two tails. It was a great day and everyone had loads of fun. Shadow did get to attend some of it, which wasn’t fair. I had to stay and keep Megan company. Given that she is still in season she would have caused mayhem if she had attended.

The family are planning a trip to a chocolate factory either later today or tomorrow and it may not surprise you to hear that I shan’t be going to that either. I said could we find a dog biscuit factory that did visits but they didn’t seem quite so keen on that idea. It’s no good suggesting a dog related outing until Megan can come too. She hates being the one left out and cries if I’m not there to hold her paw. She has never been used to being on her own, whereas I rather enjoy it every once in a while.

The book and cover for my Mistress’s new book are ready. She just needs to organise some publicity around the launch. I think she wants to send out some review and complimentary copies. I said I’d review it for her, but she said she was thinking of asking some humans. Don’t say I didn’t offer.