Sunday 10th April 2011

Do I want to play the drums? Do I look like I want to play the drums? I think she has lost the plot again. It all started with my Mistress learning to play the keyboard and she can now bash out a tune as long as it isn’t too difficult. She can play the odd sharp and flat and a range of chords. She can play more than one note at once and a number of other things that she never knew were possible a year ago. Andy has Guitar Hero as a game and is loving it. He is buying all sorts of rock bands to listen to and is ready to progress to try to play the real thing. My Mistress has got it into her head that in time we could have a family band. I’m not sure what my Master will be playing and I guess as James is the only one of us who can sing, he will take that role, but then the question arose did I want to play the drums? Now just tell me, exactly how many drum playing dogs do you know? For a start we have difficulty holding the drumsticks. Ok, they could be tied to my paws, I can see that but I don’t have a sense of rhythm. I can crack out a pretty good howl, but it’s not overly tuneful. That’s before you even get to the fact that I don’t really like loud noises all that much. Then we get to the question of where would we practice? It would not be fair on the neighbours to use the summerhouse and to be honest there is too much washing around in the utility for us all to fit in there. We need to soundproof the dining room and use that. I wonder if there’s still time for me to become a famous drummer. I might just give it a go.