Monday 11th April 2011

I must not eat the bonemeal that has been put on the fruit trees. I must not eat the bonemeal that has been put on the fruit trees…

I’m supposed to be writing it out a hundred times but the beauty of cut and paste on the computer is that I can just repeat it and it won’t take me any time at all. On the other paw, I’m in big trouble with my Master so really need to learn the lesson. In fairness I am not the only one in trouble and I am not the one who got my Mistress up by being sick. However, apparently I am supposed to set an example for the girls to follow and that example should not include eating the bonemeal. My Mistress has said given that we all found it irresistible that it might be better not to apply it to the trees at all, but my Master was unimpressed by that.

The summerhouse is now fully back in use and my Mistress has turned the keyboard volume down to a level where she hopes none of the neighbours can hear her practising when she has the door open. It wouldn’t matter on the easy pieces as she can play them quite well, if you don’t mind the sound of the metronome ticking. It’s the new pieces she’s trying to learn that get a bit repetitious. She has got very stuck at the moment as all of a sudden there has been lots of new stuff thrown in at once and it has caused her to stumble just slightly. I think the girls will have to stay in the house during her lesson today, but I am hoping to be her audience. I sit quietly in the corner and am very good.