Friday 18th February 2011

My Mistress is having great fun teaching Megan to play fetch. It has been difficult having lots of toys around with the constant power struggle between all of us, so Megan has been denied some of life’s simple pleasures. However, my Mistress took her out for a walk on her own yesterday. You should have seen the look of excitement on her face – Megan’s that is, although to be fair my Mistress did seem quite happy too. My Mistress took a ball with her, but apparently that didn’t work out too well. My Mistress would throw the ball and then have to go running off to retrieve it herself, which is never the objective in fetch. She soon changed to using sticks. Megan got the hang of that, but half way through bringing the stick back she got too excited about coming back to my Mistress and left the stick in her hurry to get back for a treat. She did come back saying she’d had a great time and I think if the weather is good they will try again tomorrow. Megan is such a bright dog, she needs to learn to do things like that. Once she’s got it, I’m going to move her onto my slippers and book.

I was telling you I might be going one a car club weekend. It is looking promising. My Mistress is now at the point of seriously finding our which bits she can take me to. She says it will help to make up for my missing the trip to Switzerland, which I can honestly say it would. I’m hoping to go to Switzerland in October too though, so I hope it doesn’t make up for it too much! I shall have to ask for that to make up for the fact I’m missing Crufts.