Saturday 19th February 2011

How did half term come round so quickly? Now I’ve got several days of ‘here, Alfie’ ‘sit, Alfie’, ‘Lie down, Alfie’ while all I want to do is find a corner to curl up in without having to listen to the Disney Channel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as happy to watch the cartoons as the next dog, it’s the programmes with teenagers that I find depressing. Real teenagers are never as sweet as the ones portrayed on kids tv. Mind you, it is the same with writing stories. People don’t want real life, they want an escapist version of it. Characters have to be likeable, which certainly isn’t the case in reality. I do sound like I’m becoming a grumpy old dog, but I think I just got out of the wrong side of my basket this morning. Megan is being a little lively at the moment and there is only so much jumping on that any dog can stand. I think the problem is that she is very bright and wants to be kept occupied. I suppose it might be easier if she had her own computer but in many ways she is more of a doing dog than a sitting still dog. I suggested she could do the painting of the wall that my Mistress needs doing, but I think my Mistress is of the opinion that needs supervision and I don’t have any time free to supervise her.

We have a new keyboard for the computer. It is quite exciting as it has lots of buttons that let you do things quickly. The problem is that so does the mouse and on the mouse it is easier to hit one of the buttons when you weren’t expecting it. I keep finding I have gone back a page to what I was looking at a moment ago and it is getting very frustrating. The sad bit is that some of the buttons will only work if we have newer software on the computer. That is the problem when you still work on something that is ten years old and no one else does. Of course, the button that opens the calculator would work better if I hadn’t accidentally uninstalled the calculator from the computer.