Thursday 17th February 2011

Megan knows she is a cattle herding dog. Her instincts are far greater than either mine or Shadow’s. It is leading to one particular problem. My Mistress has a pair of sheepskin boots that she wears with her trousers tucked in. When we go out into the garden, Megan has a tendency to forget herself and seems to attach herself to my Mistress’s boot in an attempt to encourage her in the direction that Megan wants her to go in. If she keeps doing it, sooner or later she is going to trip my Mistress up and we would appreciate any suggestions on how to discourage her from this practice. I’m waiting for her to work out that the rug on the floor in the dining room is a cow hide rug and begin persuading it into a position of Megan’s choosing.

I was really quite proud of myself yesterday. My Mistress was wearing a sweatshirt with a big pocket on the front. I duped her into giving me a cuddle and while she was busy I put my head inside the pocket and ate the dog biscuits she was carrying. I had to sort them out from the tissues and the keys, but it was definitely worth it.

My Mistress has really upset me. She let slip that she is going to see my mother and sister next week and that I am not going with her. Ok, so I know it’s the sister who doesn’t like me, but she is still my sister and if she has to roll me over and growl at me in order to feel good about herself well that’s the way it will have to be. Anyway, I will have to make do with sending them my love and looking forward to seeing the pictures when my Mistress gets back.