Thursday 20th January 2011

Shadow is going for her eye tests today. I did ask if that meant she might be coming back wearing glasses but apparently they aren’t those sort of eye tests. We are just debating whether I should go with them to keep her company in the car because she’s not a very good traveller. Megan says it’s her turn to go, but my Mistress pointed out that Megan is not used to being left on her own in the car for any length of time and she will need to focus on Shadow when they get out so will have to leave the companion dog in the car. I grinned. I knew I’d won at that point. I’m happy to sit in the car for hours. Megan then started sulking that she would be left on her own at home and she wasn’t used to being on her own. I think my Mistress started to lose patience at that point. The funny think is that with the exception of the last two miles or so, the route is exactly the same that we had to take to go and see my Mistress’s nephew on Tuesday.

We have at last finished with all the building work. This week the very last jobs were done and I am pleased to say that James’s bedroom floor no longer squeaks. The builder said he could have a rave on it now without it squeaking but that suggestion is not being passed on to James as on the whole neither my Master not my Mistress think that would be a very good idea! They also doubt the truth in the suggestion. I did like our builders very much, but it will be nice not to have any more disruption on a regular basis. It’s also nice to fine things work the way they were supposed to.