Friday 21st January 2011

King Rat has now made his village stage debut. It’s all very well but he came home on an adrenalin high and ready to tell all of us about how it went, only to find snoring dogs and humans. I don’t think it’s quite the same to tell people who aren’t actually listening at the time. You will of course be pleased to know that he was scary, but that is the whole point of the part. It’s a shame we can’t go to see him.

Shadow has now had all her breeding health tests with the exception of her heart test which she is having next week. My Mistress now needs to send all the paperwork off to Switzerland so she can be booked in to do her full test in April. It isn’t far away now. I wish I could go with her to offer support, but I’ve had to delegate that to Megan. It seemed only fair as it will give her chance to see her mum. I would like to go sometime. Maybe I could go with her when Megan goes through her breeding test. I want to meet the half-brother that my Mistress says looks just like me.

I have a bone to pick with Aida, one of the puppies who lives near us. She has brought her dog trainer to my Mistress’s attention. He has some videos of what his dogs can do on YouTube. The problem is that it has given my Mistress ideas. She says it is time we learnt a few tricks. Our first is to learn how to shake hands on command. Quite frankly, when getting a treat depends on it, it isn’t going to take me long to learn! What I’m concerned about is what I will have to learn next. The dog in the video was being a butler and doing lots of fetching and carrying. I’m not so impressed with the thought of having to do real work.