Thursday 13th January 2011

I think she just wants some attention, which is a bit rich coming from a dog, I know, but what else can it be? No sooner is the broken rib starting to repair than finds a swelling on her other thyroid gland (other than the one she had removed last year). There I am left in charge while she goes to see the out of hours doctor at the hospital. Well that’s all very well, but what was I supposed to do if she had been admitted and hadn’t come back? I’m pleased to say that didn’t happen and she was back in less than two hours, but I was worried.  When she got home I decided I would have to sit down and talk to her about it, so I did. She apologised for causing me so much concern and said she did have it covered. There were people she could have rung to sort everything out. Well it would have been nice if she’d explained that bit before going! She does now have to go for an appointment at the hospital so we will see what happens.

Being a highly trained dog does have its drawbacks. When my Mistress was doing our breakfast yesterday she knocked the box of dog biscuits all over the floor. I thought it was extras for us so was about to rush in when she gave the command “Leave”. Oh bother. I know that one. That is where I’m not supposed to eat it. I stood back and watched forlornly as my Mistress put them all back in the box. She did give me one at the end for being such a good dog, but it seemed a poor reward for the fact I could have eaten a whole box load.