Wednesday 12th January 2011

You know you got up too early when you make three mistakes just typing the days date! Of course, Jamuary does sound an interesting month and is perhaps one in which we should eat jam on a daily basis. Maybe it was named because it is one of the few months in which you can buy Seville oranges. I may just have spent too long helping my Mistress making marmalade.

My Mistress has a new filing cabinet. Well, when I say new, what I really mean is that it is new to here. It looks as though it has been in use for the last fifty years and possibly not that well treated for much of it’s life. They had a discussion on how to make it look a little more aesthetically pleasing. My Master was in favour of painting it with a paint that would blend into it’s surroundings and while my Mistress was not averse to this idea in principal she had a hankering to buy some of the sticky patterns you can get for fridges that make it look like a cow. In the end she decided that with the grey background it wouldn’t look so much like a cow so she has opted for a jungle scene. Now she is thinking that the jungle scene would look better if she could paint the unit first but I don’t think she is very enthusiastic about adding another job to the list and besides which she wants to put some files in it and doesn’t want to end up with them being painted. I offered to do a paw print design but I couldn’t guarantee not getting it on the floor as well.

We have been looking at some of the film of the floods in Australia and worrying about all the animals that may not have been rescued in time. The humans make headline news, but there must be a much higher death toll than just the humans when you look at what happened in Toowomba. It really is very worrying.