Sunday 2nd January 2011

What an exciting start to the year. Every month I have a look at just how many of you have been reading my little offerings. The highest number in a month before has been 3948 pages being read. Last month between you all you read 5123. I don’t know what to say. I’m never usually lost for words, but well, WOW. Thank you. It has been exciting to discover I can be read on e-readers as well as all the standard methods of delivery. Of course that means you probably only get me in black and white so when it comes to the pictures I suggest you get yourself in front of a computer screen, but otherwise I’m happy to be read anywhere.

Christmas has been declared to be over for another year and some of the more irritating Christmas decorations are being taken down. To be fair the stockings fell down of their own accord and did that on a regular basis throughout the whole Christmas period. Every time my Mistress found a better way to hang them she would turn her back and leave the room and no sooner had she done that than they were draped over the log basket on one side and the hearth on the other. It was almost a game to sit and watch just how quickly they would fall down again. Still, Santa managed to find them, which at the end of the day was the important thing. I asked if I should keep mine handy to hang up part way through the year in the hope of some extra presents but my Mistress said I was pushing my luck. The tree and all the fairy lights are still up. For the first time the fairy lights are actually working properly as the bulbs my Mistress ordered finally arrived, together with the others she ordered because the first ones seemed to have got lost. We not have a lot of spare fairy light bulbs!