Thursday 9th December 2010

Some changes have been made to the lighting effects on the summerhouse so that it no longer looks quite so scary. My Master was worried that Andy wouldn’t be able to sleep at night for worrying about what was at the end of the garden. We also now have a Christmas tree in the hall and as with all these things, once the lights were up my Mistress discovered that half the set were not working due to a bulb having blown. What do you do at 8pm when you realise your lights need a new bulb? Obvious really you log onto Ebay! Sure enough there were still people selling the bulbs for the lights my Mistress bought about 20 years ago. Having paid the extra £1 for fast delivery my Mistress is hoping they will be back up and running by tomorrow. It’s times like this that you can’t but marvel at the wonders of the internet. When the lights were bought 20 year ago it would have meant tramping round the shops until you found a shop that sold that type of bulb. Now they are just a few clicks away. If only travel were that easy, but then maybe in another twenty years time it will be.

On a slightly more depressing note, my Mistress discovered what happens to a non-freezable container if you put it in the freezer. It simply gives up and falls apart in a number of plastic shards. I think my Mistress was able to separate them all out before attempting to eat the beans that were mixed in with them. The shards themselves didn’t look overly appetising, but coming from a dog who eats wood I guess that is a bit rich. Mind you when I do eat wood it usually makes me sick, so I think that’s probably a good reason not to start on plastic.