Friday 26th November 2010

I would just like to point out that there is now less than a month until Christmas. My Mistress has said we can start trying to sort out the Christmas decorations this weekend. I know she’s going to regret it. That old adage ‘what goes up, must come down’ could have been written with the hassle of Christmas decorations in mind. I think she has half an idea of developing a whole grotto of our own, but I have absolutely no idea why.

In the meantime, she is fed up that her Ebay auction does not seem to be going well. To be precise as yet she has no bidders. It could be that the item she is selling is very out of date technology and that no one actually wants it, in which case that second photograph she uploaded at the cost of 12p is going to seem like a very wasteful extravagance! I asked if it was ok for me to auction Shadow, but it seems that would be frowned upon and it is restricted to inanimate objects. Maybe they should branch out.

My Mistress is also in the process of trying the ‘Page 99 test’ with her novel. There is a site on which you can upload page 99 of your novel and then people read it and comment as to whether based on that they would want to read any more. It’s based on the idea that a lot of people when they go into a shop, turn to page 99 to determine if a book is any good. It has never actually occurred to my Mistress to do that. She reads page 1 and had presumed other people do likewise. Then she came across people who read the last page. Why would you do that? Why would you spoil the ending of every book you ever read? I can only imagine those people don’t like their Christmas presents to come in wrapping paper so they can see what they are straight away. How dull their lives must be when they shun surprises to that extent.