Monday 22nd November 2010

I think we might have some top dog issues. If I’m not very much mistaken Megan is fed up with how Shadow treats her and is starting to stand up for herself. I just want a quiet life and want them to sort it all out amicably. I’ve offered for them to sit down together and me be their mediator but they are too busy have a stand off to want to be reasonable. I really don’t approve of all this angst. I’m your quiet roll over and let them win sort of dog. Arguments never achieve anything worthwhile. However, all that said I am backing Megan and hoping that she will finally put Shadow in her place so we can all have some peace and quiet.

My Mistress has a cough at the moment so we aren’t getting much undisturbed sleep. I know that she is very good when we disturb her, but I like my sleep and I just want to roll over and say ‘Will you just stop with the coughing?’ I know that sounds ungrateful. I suspect I would simply get told I could sleep somewhere else which wouldn’t really be to my liking, besides which when I’m not being annoyed I do want to take care of her.

We’ve got the builders coming again tomorrow, for what should be the last time. I’m not sure what to expect. I am told there will be four of them and I think there will be quite a lot of disruption. My Mistress is not looking forward to it. They need to stop some of the floorboards squeaking and that is going to mean moving furniture and taking up carpets. It could be a very long day. I will be tasked with providing my Mistress with regular progress reports on what they are doing. The girls will be kept out of the way.