Tuesday 23rd November 2010

My Mistress has had to have the old ‘if you eat too much you’re going to get fat’ discussion with Megan. It’s mainly because Shadow is off her food at the moment and while my Mistress was doing something else, Megan saw it as an opportunity to help herself to the rest of Shadow’s food.  The amount Megan runs round, up until now she has got away without her food rations being cut, but it’s only a matter of time. She certainly can’t afford to go pigging out on Shadow’s food as well. I don’t want to be around when she asks the question ‘does my bum look big in this?’ if she does. I know which is my bowl and on the whole I stick to what’s put in it, with the exception of things that are dropped on the floor during the cooking process which unless my Mistress shouts ‘leave’ are considered fair game.

Having had both the Filey Fishermen’s Choir and the London Philharmonic Skiffle Group in the village last weekend, not both together I should add, things have returned to their normal quiet. For a sleepy little place, having one event in a weekend is unusual, but to have two the same weekend made it feel positively crazy. The village hall won’t see so many people again until the pantomime and that isn’t until January.

I’m not sure whether I told you, but one of Quinnie’s puppies is coming to live quite near us. She is coming to York so we will be able to go to see her and teach her in the ways of being an adult Entlebucher. Megan thinks she should do it as she has lived longest in Switzerland. I said as the eldest it should be me. Shadow simply ran round in circles so I think that probably rules her out.