Thursday 4th November 2010

I thought the whole point of changing the clocks was to give us lighter mornings. In my observation it has failed. There is still a significant amount of dark around in the mornings and it is very cold dark at that. I don’t think I’m really cut out to be a cold weather dog. I’m more of you napping under a shady warm spot in the sunshine dog. I wonder which bit of my genetic makeup that comes from. I’m guessing it won’t be from my main Swiss ancestors.

My Mistress has been sorting through all her shoes and has reached the opinion some of them will have to go. She claims that it is a natural process to make way for new additions. I think that is just an excuse to clear out a few bad purchase decisions. It’s the ones that are barely worn that rather give the game away. Oh, I can understand her throwing out her last pair of gardening shoes and having to relegate another pair to that important role. On those the soles have worn down very unevenly and they have holes in which let in the water. It’s the pretty ones with ladybirds on that aren’t even in her size that you have to wonder about. What it is with girls and shoes and handbags? It seems to affect almost all of them in exactly the same way and there are very few of us chaps who really understand. I don’t own a single pair of shoes or a handbag and for that matter neither do Shadow or Megan, so it certainly isn’t all girls, just apparently the human ones. Now to be fair, my Mistress does have one or two very interesting pairs of shoes that even I can appreciate, but for the most part they are not the ones she wears. She wears her old gardening shoes when she goes out as they are nearest the door. Thank goodness they are being thrown out!