Friday 5th November 2010

My Mistress sat down with us to talk about all the fireworks that are likely to go off tonight. I said I was fine with them, so I’d do my best to look after the others. At least living in a village you don’t have to put up with quite so many and I don’t even think the bonfire and firework display that used to use the field up the road from us is happening this year, or the one on the nearby airfield so it will probably be quite a quiet night.

Megan’s hormones are still proving confusing to all of us. She won’t leave me alone at the moment and certainly first thing in the morning I am not ready to have a puppy jumping all over me. It isn’t that I don’t find her attractive. She’s a lovely dog, but I like my sleep even more and some things are too good to disturb.

Yesterday we had the plumber here to finish sorting out the heating and next week we can look forward to the painters and the builders. It’s all very well but the girls end up in their crates to keep them safely out of the way and it’s left to me to sniff them out and keep an eye on them. When the painter comes he will have all the outside doors open so my Mistress is really not looking forward to that and I will have to spend the day snuggled up in bed upstairs safely out of the way. It really is a hard life being a dog. I feel sorry for my Mistress really. She is the one that has to sort everything out and freezes when the back door is open all day. She could go in another room, but the back door is off her office so that is where all her work is. At least there isn’t much more to do. Having said that the day they try to stop the floorboards creaking will be a lot of upheaval as they have to take up a number of carpets.