Wednesday 3rd November 2010

Megan’s hormones are all over the place. One minute she wants to sleep, then the next minute she is jumping all over both Shadow and me. It does mean everything is a bit chaotic, particularly as Shadow is not coping with having another female in season in the house. You’ve never heard so much barking and that’s just me. My Mistress sat us down and had a serious word with us about it yesterday. She said the way it was going she would be locking herself in the crate out of the way and leaving us to it. On balance that doesn’t sound like such a good idea, so I promised I’d be a bit more sensible if she could just keep the girls apart. The scary thing is that we are likely to have to go through this all again in a couple of weeks time when it’s Shadow’s season.

My Mistress has decided to make some blackberry and apple jelly. As a family they used to make it every year, but that was a long time ago. In fact it’s eighteen years since granny made any at all and by that time my Mistress had already left home for nearly ten years. I think it’s an excellent idea. I’m very partial to blackberries and apples and I just know that ingredients will be spilt in the cooking process. I have asked if my Mistress could avoid dropping any of the hot jam. The problem is that I cannot resist licking it up and I tend to burn my tongue. I did burn myself on a roast potato the other day but I didn’t like to say anything. My Mistress was frantically saying “Leave, Alfie” but it was food and I just thought she wanted to take it back. I didn’t admit it to her as I didn’t think there would be very much sympathy. Not as bad as yesterday though when my Mistress turned round to pick up a box she had left in the porch and hit her forehead on the woodpecker door knocker. I had to stop laughing before I could ask is she was ok.