Wednesday 27th October 2010

I’m not sure whether I mentioned it, but for the last few days Shadow, Megan and I have been in kennels, while my Master and Mistress went away for a few days. My Mistress was looking very excited before she went as she was getting the chance to visit a number of friends that she hasn’t seen for quite a number of years, including one for whom she was ‘best man’. Now I realise that may not be exactly conventional, but she has actually fulfilled that role on two occasions. In fact she has done that as often as she has been bridesmaid, which is probably a little alarming. Amongst the people she was meeting was the owner of Lola the dog. Lola isn’t just any dog. She is a working dog who alerts her owner if she has a diabetes problem. I have to say I really do admire her and think that dogs like Lola deserve medals for the work they do. I am also a teeny bit jealous as it means Lola can go into all the places I can’t, like restaurants and service stations. I know I missed the opportunity when I was young of training in such a career, but I really don’t think all the employment benefits were adequately spelt out to me. If I had realised I would be able to go absolutely everywhere I would have taken it a little more seriously. I suppose the first problem is that my Mistress has no justification of having an alert dog, so I would have had to do it for someone else. I was wondering if granny would like me to do some training now, so that I could help her with the things she can’t hear so well. I could certainly answer the phone and the door for her and let her know if someone was calling her.