Monday 25th October 2010

I’m still thinking about pensions and retirement and wondered whether it would be any use dogs going on strike to get what we want. If it’s good enough for the French then perhaps we should try it. I was wondering what difference it would make if we did go on strike. Could we actually bring a country to its knees? Obviously guide dogs and other assistance dogs would be like the emergency services and would still have to work. The same would be true of sniffer dogs looking for explosives. However, sheepdogs, hunting dogs, dogs used in animal testing and cart-dogs could all go on strike without causing any serious issue. I’m not sure if pets could withdraw their therapy services from the family for a period of time or whether that comes under the same category as emergency services! The most effective might be the hunting dogs as they are more likely to directly affect the ruling classes, particularly seeing as we have a largely conservative government. Is it actually possible that we are in a position to demand change with menaces? I wonder whether there is any legislation affecting dogs striking and if there were sudden random protests would they still be described as wild-cat strikes?

Here I am contemplating the big issues in our lives and the girls are sitting on the settee cleaning Megan’s nails. Since when has it taken two dogs to do that? Are girls of all species as easily engrossed in their beauty regimes? It’s no wonder males and females don’t understand each other most of the time. I just keep my nails short so they are easier to get clean. I suppose it is possible they may not be up to Megan’s standard of cleanliness, but life is definitely too short to spend all of it grooming.