Wednesday 20th October 2010

I can’t remember if I told you that Shadow has now passed the second of the tests she need for breeding. I can’t believe all the things she has to go through and then the anticipation of waiting for the results. It’s a bit like doing exams at school although fortunately for Shadow it doesn’t depend on her intelligence. I’d rather sit a doggy IQ test if I’m being strictly honest. I think I would perform better in one of those. All this being x-rayed and swabbed really isn’t for me.

I am alarmed by how cold it has suddenly gone at nights. My Mistress says it is time to start tucking some of the plants up for the winter. It seems she has bought them some special little houses that will help to keep them warm. She hasn’t gone as far as buying them radiators, but she might as well have done. It turns out that there are a limited number of the plants that are to receive this special treatment. I now feel sorry for all the others that are expected to brave the winter on their own. I’ve offered to pee on them now and again to thaw them out but strangely my Mistress says that won’t actually help. I don’t think she has told my Master that Rocky peed on the roses. I don’t think he’d be very pleased.

My Master has a bit of a cold and is snoring heavily at night. I asked my Mistress if she could prod him to make him shut up but she said as he was poorly he needed the sleep. Well that’s all very well for him, but I need my sleep too. I get prodded when I snore loudly. There should be some equality round here.