Sunday 10th October 2010

My Mistress has come up with a plan for my little car. She is going to look for a motor museum that might like it as an exhibit. I was so excited when she came up with the idea. It would mean I could still go and visit it and stand by it and tell people it was my car. She has never donated anything to a museum before so she has no idea what you have to do, but now that her weekend away in it has is coming to an end she is going to start looking for a possibility.

We have an exciting week ahead. We have visitors coming to stay and that always means more hands to stroke us. The friend that my Mistress is collecting early tomorrow morning is flying here. She does live in England but it is easier for her to fly than to come by car because it is still a very long way from where she lives. My Mistress is wondering about going back on the plane with her as her trial flight to see if the hypnotherapy has worked. It’s certainly an idea and she could get a train back from Southampton if it hasn’t. Actually, when she said I suggested she could hitch a lift or walk back, but she didn’t think either of those were helpful suggestions. She’s actually checked her diary and can’t do that as she is expecting the cooker engineer the following morning and needs to be here. The joys of domesticity. To be fair, my Mistress doesn’t think there are many joys of domesticity. She is missing being out in the working world managing people. She says that managing three dogs is a lot more difficult. I said she at least gets cuddles from us and I am presuming she didn’t get those from the people she worked with. She said that was a fair point. I also pointed out that she should look on the bright side as managing cats is a lot harder to achieve!