Saturday 9th October 2010

I was reading a story about a woman who is expecting five babies. She sounds more like a dog having a litter. Humans just aren’t built for it in the same way. It’s not so bad when you only have to look after them all for the first five weeks and when they are house trained within very little longer. Just think of the cost of the nappies for that lot! I don’t know whether she has any other children but you have an instant need of a people carrier to move the family around. If you’ve lived a fairly quiet life before it must come as quite a shock to the system.

My Mistress has a busy weekend with the very last car meeting she plans to organise. Of course it may be she goes back on her resolution, but I don’t think she will this time. There is only so much she feels she can do on her own. She feels bad stopping, but then as I said to her ‘Why feel bad? I’m sure no one else feels bad for not taking over.’ I may be a little biased as it will mean she had more time for us, although I will miss the fun of my little car. It’s been around all my life. She actually said she’s had it for more than a quarter of her life and that is quite a long time.

She was going through some things in the loft the other day and she found the timetable from when she went inter-railing when she was twenty. It turns out that she actually changed trains at the very station she had to go to for visiting Megan’s family. She did think the route had a familiar feel to it and now she knows why, she’s been there before.