Thursday 30th September 2010

They have arrived – right on time, Quinnie’s puppies have entered the world. I’m sad to report that two of them were born dead but the other five are doing ok. There are two little girls and three little boys. That means that there are now 18 of our breed in the country, which is a marked improvement in numbers. Of course if all 7 had survived we would have had the magic 20 that would mean we could have applied for an interim breed standard from the Kennel Club, but now it looks as though the privilege of getting us to that magic number rests with Shadow. No pressure then!

It was funny the other night. My Mistress had gone up into the loft to sort some things of hers out. Apparently the phone rang and my Master couldn’t find her. When she came down from the loft she asked James where my Master was and he thought he had gone out. So my Mistress started ringing him to find out where he was. She almost rang the pub to see if he had gone there, before she thought to look in the lounge and found he was watching the football all the time. We knew where they both were, but nobody bothered to ask us. One thing you can be certain, your dog always knows where everyone is in the house.

Shadow is eating again, but not very enthusiastically. We keep trying to get to what she leaves in her bowl, but my Mistress is very good at whisking it away before we get to it. She doesn’t want us either overeating or sharing Shadow’s germs. Both of those are risks that Megan and I have decided we are prepared for! Sometimes humans can be so mean. It was the same with the dead bird in the garden yesterday. It wasn’t as though we’d deliberately killed it to eat, but it was a shame to see it go to waste. A view not shared by my Mistress.