Wednesday 29th September 2010

I was reading an article yesterday on the secrets of beautiful eyes, but I rather think they missed some vital points. Firstly, it helps if you can do a genuine ‘puppy dog eye’ expression and for that being a dog is a definite bonus. Being a dog with big brown eyes is betters still and my Mistress falls for them every time. I don’t need any eye liner or mascara. I can just look up at her and she melts. She says it’s much safer gazing into my eyes than a man’s as the latter always leads to trouble. I’m not absolutely sure I should take that as a compliment.

These dark mornings are depressing. I don’t like having to do my main toilet in the dark both morning and evening. It’s not so bad when the girls are occupied at the same time, but if you are there and they have finished they have a nasty tendency to pounce on you and I would just like to say that is never good. It doesn’t help that I’m not really at my best first thing and in no position to respond. I don’t really come into my own until at least 10 or 11am. Before that I just want to climb back into bed, after I’ve been fed of course.

Shadow went to the vet as she is off her food, feeling poorly and has been sick and had an upset tum. She has had to have two injections and is now on a special food for a couple of days. I’ve let her use my bed under the desk as she is feeling really sorry for herself and wants to be near my Mistress. The age of chivalry is well and truly alive in this house!