Tuesday 28th September 2010

We are a bit worried about Shadow. She is off her food. She hasn’t been completely ok since having her hips looked at last week. She hasn’t even been arguing with anyone, which really isn’t like her. I think my Mistress is going to talk to the vet later to see what she thinks.

With Shadow being out of sorts and my Mistress working quite hard, things are a bit quiet. I’ve been twiddling my paws wondering how to entertain Megan without disturbing everyone. I get carried away barking too easily when we start playing. She just has that effect on me. My Mistress has sat down and discussed it with me but I just can’t explain why it happens.

The Commonwealth Games don’t seem to be getting off to a flying start. If it wasn’t bad enough that the facilities weren’t ready to a standard the athletes were happy with, now one of them has found a snake in their room. And not just a grass snake either. You’d be a bit concerned after that. Well I would be anyway. It’s not the sort of thing you expect, but then maybe I’ve led a sheltered life in countries that don’t have so much scary stuff.

My Master is to play King Rat in the village pantomime. I definitely think I should be allowed to go to see him. I know it’s not normal for dogs to be allowed to go to pantomimes it’s just I think an exception should be made. Of course it might be a problem as Hector and Hugo’s mistress is in the pantomime too and I don’t get on awfully well with Hugo. We could go on different evenings perhaps! With them doing Dick Whittington it might be quite difficult for dogs to attend in case we started chasing Dick Whittington’s cat when he was on stage.