Thursday 23rd September 2010

I do not like eye drops. Worse still I have cream for my eyes. Now I know I regularly get accused of being a wimp, but I don’t like having cream put in my eyes any more than the next dog and possibly less than most. It takes two people to wrestle me into a corner, but even then I squirm. I know it’s for my own good, but it still doesn’t make me want it.

We have at last used the lighting in the summer house. I think it might need a more powerful light or maybe a side light as well. It was hard for my Mistress trying to read the rather small notes on the music sheet given it wasn’t awfully light in there. I think there is going to be another trip up into the loft in search of a spare lamp. She is sure she put one somewhere, she is just not absolutely sure whether the somewhere was the loft or the charity shop! She has put some outdoor candles on little posts outside the doors to the summerhouse. They looked really nice until I ran into one of them and now it’s rather wonky compared to the other one. It had taken a lot of effort to make the hole to put it in, so my Mistress wasn’t best pleased.

We are supposed to be doing the last bits of research for my Mistress’s latest book, but it has been a very busy week and we haven’t got started yet. We need to drive through York making some notes of a route that our investigator uses and find a pub for him to meet people in. The drive would be easier if I could do the driving rather being the one expected to make the notes. I do find trying to write while travelling is quite difficult!