Wednesday 22nd September 2010

There are times in life when you have to wonder ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ I’m a bright dog. I think for myself and make my own decisions. I know I enjoy eating bird food and am always first to sit beneath the bird feeder to find what comes down to the ground. It turns out that Megan is a brighter dog and is more the sort of dog who doesn’t wait for things to happen she goes out and gets the things she wants. There was no bird seed on the floor. Did she wait for the wind to blow and dislodge some? Did she wait for the birds to leave us a few crumbs? No, Megan stood up on her back paws and swung the bird feeder round so that the food would all fall out and then settled down to eating it. It’s times like this it really is good to have a girl around. Of course, for these purposes Shadow does not count. She was too busy running round the garden chasing nothing at all and enjoying doing it. She is never going to be the brightest thing on four paws!

Just as my paw is better from the infection I had in that I have been to the vet for the runny eyes. Why is it that there is always something wrong? I tried to say to my Mistress that I thought I was a bit run down and I needed a holiday. I’d like a couple of weeks somewhere warm and sunny. Sadly for me she didn’t share that opinion and pointed out that we live in England which isn’t known for being warm and sunny in the autumn. Is it too early for me to consider retiring to somewhere possibly in the South of France? I don’t ask for much; a big garden; a sea view. It only needs to be a view. I have no inclination to go in the sea, so I don’t need to be right on the beach. A dog has to have his dreams.