Sunday 19th September 2010

After the house’s fifteen minutes of fame, the question has arisen ‘can a house provide an autograph?’ Naturally, I offered to do a muddy pawprint on behalf of the house, but it seems that didn’t count.

My Mistress wants to know how she can simplify her life. She says she seems to have too many different things to do at the moment and she doesn’t feel she is getting anywhere. I did the only thing a beloved pet can do in that sort of difficult situation. I sat her down and let her stroke me for a while. If I can’t sort the problems out for her, at least I can calm her down. I don’t think it helped that she was so tired. This was the weekend we were trying to get Megan used to sleeping in Andy’s room when he stays. My Master agreed to sleep in Andy’s room with him to try to settle Megan and to a limited extent it worked. She was still fretting and wanting to be near my Mistress though. At half past three in the morning, my Master decided it would be better for her to be back in with my Mistress. I think he wanted to get some sleep! So delighted was Megan to see my Mistress that she jumped all over her and woke her up. After that Megan slept soundly but my Mistress couldn’t get back to sleep.

I don’t think I updated you that Shadow didn’t have her hips x-rayed on Friday. My Mistress asked her about the cough that Shadow has had for a day or two and they decided to give her an antibiotic injection and let it settle before doing her hips. She has to go back in next Thursday. She was delighted to come home and have breakfast last Friday, but now she has to go without food again next week and that won’t go down well.